Friday, November 21, 2014

Three's Company

So, this morning we confirmed some very good news. And some very scary news. Oddly, it was the same news. 

Baby #3 is on the way! I’m both excited and panicked. Excited, obviously, because I can’t wait to love another little human and share the joy of a new baby with our four-year-old babies. Panicked because this time, I know what to expect. And last time I didn’t have older kids. Or truly understand what “exhausted” meant until they were here. 

I’m actually feeling about 900 other emotions, as well, but those two are the biggies. Today though, after hearing that beautiful heartbeat, I’m all excitement. 

We have spent the last eight weeks, waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting some more for that verification that this time things would be OK. After the doctor walked out of the room, I turned to Scott, high-fived him and said “We’re totally doing this.” 

For those who aren’t aware, we had two miscarriages before the girls, so I spent nearly all of this first trimester waiting for the potentially bad news. It, thankfully, never came. I know this doesn’t mean nothing bad will happen, I’m just glad to be over the first hurdle. 

We are totally doing this. 

Easily, the best part of this so far has been sharing the news with the girls. Claire’s response is the most hilarious — it’s quiet and drown out a bit by Grace, so listen carefully. 

It’s funny because for a few weeks now, Claire has been mentioning babies. Last night, as I was tucking her in, she said “Mom, I think there is a baby in your tummy.” We haven’t breathed a word about the possibility to them (for the reasons above), so I sat there stunned for a few seconds before I said “oh yeah?” 

I waited for today’s confirmation before I mentioned anything, but now it’s full steam ahead!   

I can’t wait for them to soak up every moment along the way. There is something amazing about having brothers and sisters and especially the experience of having younger ones. 

The girls are both excited, showing it in their own ways. Grace keeps asking questions “Can I help feed it? Can I hold it? Do I have to change its diaper?” And Claire has been more quiet, but shyly keeps coming up to me, hugging me and gently rubbing or kissing my tummy. You can see the excitement in her eyes. 

They both predict it will be a girl and have suggested the following names “Puppy,” “Princess” and “Charming.” 

And according to Grace, “There’s one problem. I use Mommy’s phone and Claire uses Daddy’s. But that’s all we have.” 

Priorities, people.