Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Day of Thanks

So. Thanksgiving. Yeah. About that. Sorry I didn't get this posted on Friday like I meant to. There were babies to take care of and naps to be had, and it just didn't happen. Obviously.

But here it goes.

We have hosted this particular holiday since 2006. We usually have between 15-20 family members. Scott makes the turkey and my mom and I tackle the rest. Most years, it's cake. Well, mostly cake. A couple of the years the turkey was still frozen. One year the mashed potatoes were dry. Another year we forgot to bake the pies until everyone got here. But even considering our mistakes, it has mostly been cake.

But this year brought a whole new set of challenges.

Feed me. Hold me. Play with me. Wipe my tears. Kiss my bonk. Change my diaper. Feed me again.

It's amazing any food was cooked at all.

Thank goodness for my little sister who was here to help entertain the little ones while we cooked and showered and finished the last-minute cleaning.

And thank goodness for my mom who was here to help cook while I fed and cared for the little ones.

And thank goodness for the rest of the guests for holding and playing with the girls.

And thank goodness for everyone not being offended when they screamed with stranger danger.

Thank goodness for family.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

So Completely Thankful

One year ago today this is what I looked like.

My feet and ankles were swollen.

I had terrible heartburn.

Scott practically had to roll me out of bed every morning.

I was uncomfortable in just about every position.

But I couldn't have been more grateful to be so miserable.

I know I complain sometimes about how exhausted I am. Or how frustrated I am. Or how I just want to sit down for a few minutes and put my feet up.

But I really wouldn't have it any other way.

Grace and Claire are my world.

And I am so completely thankful that I have these wonderfully hilarious, adorable, cute, giggly little girls in my life.

P.S. Check back tomorrow for the full scoop on what it's like to be a mother of needy, tired, cranky babies AND host Thanksgiving dinner with 15 of your closest family members. For now, I'll let Claire tell the story.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here, Little Kitty

A few years ago, my niece Bella would demand that we all call her "Little Kitty." She would crawl around on her hands and knees and nudge you to pet her. She would purr and meow and sit on your lap like a cat. This was an incredible adorable phase, and I was a little sad to see her grow out of it.

But then I saw this.

Little Kitty, Part II.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hot Cross Buns

Scott and I often wonder what the girls' futures hold.

When Claire studies how something fits together, we say she's going to be an engineer.

When Grace squeals at the sight of our dog Izzy, we say she's going to be a veterinarian.

When Claire plows through a tower of blocks, we say she will grow up to work in construction or the demolition derby.

And when Grace sat down at the piano and very intently played it, we said "Yep. She's gonna be a band geek."

Monday, November 22, 2010


Last week, I failed to mention that a fairly significant event was taking place this past weekend.

I'm sure it was mostly just an oversight. But I also know part of me was nervous to tell you. Nervous that she would rear her ugly head if I so much as mentioned what we were planning.

But now that the event has come and gone and everything was a roaring success, I feel safe telling you.

Scott and I went out on Saturday and didn't come home for the night. THE ENTIRE NIGHT. This marks the first time since the day we brought the girls home that we have had a night alone. (Thanks, Grandma!!!)

We had dinner, saw a movie (Harry Potter, naturally), and then crashed for the night. No middle-of-the-night-waking, no-early-morning-rising, just slept the whole night through.

It was refreshing.

Now, back to the grind. And by grind, I mean the joyous and rewarding job of raising twins.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Picture of the week: Nov. 19

It began as a challenging week (see the lack of blog posts). A week that tested my patience and pushed me to the limit. I felt like I was barely hanging on. I started fantasizing about them being 16 and sleeping until noon.

But as the days went by, things got a little better each day. And by yesterday, I found myself feeling sad that they are growing so fast. I have decided 16 can wait.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


There are days that I feel like I am drowning. Drowning in a sea of screams and whines and heartbreaking cries.

Today was one of those days.

Following a weekend of missed naps and cranky babies, I was barely treading water as it was. But I just kept thinking, "Wait 'til Monday. It's always better on Monday."

It wasn't.

I was holding my breath yesterday morning when I attempted to lay Claire down for her nap. All weekend long she had been resisting the nap — fighting the nap. But things are always better on Monday, so I dove head in and hoped that she would lay down and get some much-needed rest. She very loudly and resolutely said no.

And I had a mini-meltdown.

She was crying. Which made me cry. Which made her cry more.

We were a complete disaster.

So, I called my mom and told her in between sobs, "I can't do this job anymore. It's too hard. I don't know what's wrong with her. She won't sleep. She just cries. I just can't do this."

My mom, knowing exactly what I needed, said "Do you want me to come?"

Oh. My. God. Yes. Please.

So, she came, and sprinkled her magical grandmother dust on the girls, turning what could have been a major meltdown into a tolerable day.

And when she was leaving and the girls were laying down for the night and Claire was screaming her heart out, she gave me a hug and stayed with me until she fell asleep.

Turns out even 28-year-old exhausted, worn-out, frustrated moms need their moms, too.

Thanks, Mom. I owe you one.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Miserable Mary

Never before in my entire life have I ever wanted someone to poop as badly as I did last week.

It was three days. Three LONG days since Claire had a proper bowel movement. This is the girl who we used to call McPoops Alot. So, I can't even begin to describe how miserable she was because of the constipation. And her misery turned into the whole family's misery.

For days, she would cry and moan and whimper all day long. And then she would wake screaming during the middle of the night. Completely inconsolable.

We were all in a very bad place.

Until about 4 p.m. on Thursday I get a call from Scott.

She pooped. Twice.

Sweet, sweet relief.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Picture of the week: Nov. 12

The girls love to wave. They started doing it a couple of weeks ago, but I've had an incredibly hard time capturing it on camera. But here it is, in all of its blurry glory.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Going On A Bear Hunt

Can't go under it.

Can't go around it.

Must go over it.

The end.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Look

Grace is 10 months old, and she's got it. The look.

And she'll use it any time she sees fit.

When she doesn't want to eat.

When she doesn't want to change clothes.

When she doesn't want that toy.

And most often, when you tell her no.

It's a look meant to make me cower in fear.

But little does she know, I invented that look. And I've been perfecting it for decades.

Bring it on, little one.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yesterday was my 200th blog post. I meant to have something jazzy for you to read like "Top 200 things I've learned as a Mom." Or "200 Reasons Why You Should Have Kids."

But then Scott and Claire started vomiting all over the world, and I was stuck thinking about the 200 other things I wish I were doing instead of cleaning puke.

It's all for the best anyway. There aren't enough interesting things in my life to get me past No. 47.

So, in honor of our 200th blog, I give you my random thoughts for today.

1. We made it through Daylight Savings Time. I didn't think we would. But we did. The girls slept in until 5:55 a.m.

2. My house is a disaster. I just need a few uninterrupted hours to get on top of it. Or a couple of house elves to help me clean it.

3. Thanksgiving is 17 days away. We have done Thanksgiving at our house with both sides of the family since we moved here. I love having it here. But now I could really use some house elves.

4. I'm pretty excited about the next Harry Potter coming out. It's nerdy. I know. Deal with it.

5. Grace pulled herself up a few days ago. It was a very exciting moment for all of us. She's had the strength for a long time, and she loves to stand, but she just needed to send the message from her brain to her legs. And she did. It was pretty awesome.

6. I have a love-hate relationship with my cat. Right now, we're on hate.

Ok, so it turns out, I can't get past No. 6.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Family Affair

It was Wednesday. 4 a.m. I woke with severe stomach pains. And, naturally, I cursed Scott and his chili concoction that we ate for dinner.

But an hour later when I was vomiting and he was still sleeping contentedly, I briefly considered that maybe — maybe — it wasn't his chili.

And hours later when I was still vomiting and he was laughing with the babies in the next room, I gave up on the chili idea and decided I was just plain ol' sick.

Cue last night when the neighbors had to come over and ask us to keep down the noise. I politely told them it was just my husband getting sick in the bathroom.

A few hours later, I go in to get the girls up for the morning and smell the all-too-familiar smell of vomit. And there's poor Claire just sitting there not realizing the foul stench is her own.

And who said I didn't know how to share?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Brief Recess

This blog has been postponed due to vomiting. More on this later. Get excited.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Lately, the girls have become very interested in touching each other. They examine the other's ears, poke the other's eyes, stick their hands in the other's mouth. It's really quite funny to watch.

But, by far, the cutest thing about all of this touching is when they hold hands. At every meal time, one will reach her hand out to the other, and she'll grab it. They will just sit there like that for a few seconds and then one will eventually pull away.

There are times when they really don't seem to get along. All Claire has to do is look at Grace funny and she'll start screaming.

But it's the moments when they are giggling with each other or reaching out to touch each other that really warm my heart. What a wonderful thing to have a sister and a best friend all in one.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween, Vol. 1

Scott and I (and our bank account) were in agreement that we didn't want to spend a lot of money on the girls' Halloween costumes.

But it was their first Halloween, so we wanted to do something.

So, without further ado … the very top secret, much-anticipated, fairly creative, super-inexpensive costumes:

I'll give you a minute to think it over.

Mind blowing, isn't it?

Apparently, Grace didn't get the memo about being each other though. She was just fine being herself.