Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day


What a year we’ve had.  

I hate to complain, because it’s really been great and I know there are people out there for one reason or another that would give absolutely anything to go through what we’ve been through.  And I know it could be worse.  Way worse.

But I also know of one really big reason it wash’t worse. 

She’s not the only reason, of course.  There’s been invaluable help from both sets of grandparents, Katie’s siblings, understanding employers.  

Daughters who love their little brother to the moon and back and are almost always anxious to provide assistance (and even actually help every once in awhile!)

She works a full-time job.  She takes care of an infant-almost-toddler full time and still manages to be a wonderful mother for the girls.  How she does all these things, I’ll never know, but she does it.  

Even sometimes without complaining! ;)

So on this Mothers Day more so than any I’ve experienced before, I find myself thankful of the hell that my wife has been through the last 12 months.  A hell she wouldn’t trade for anything in the world, but a hell none the less.

Thank you so much, Katie.  We love you!  

Happy Mothers Day!

Scott, Grace, Claire and Henry