Monday, July 11, 2016

A Firecrackin' Time

I love the Fourth of July. It’s so full of summer and energy and excitement. Since I was a wee one, we have trekked to a nearby town, rode carnival rides, ate funnel cake and watched the fireworks. It’s one of my favorite traditions and I love watching the girls love the experience. And eventually Henry, too!

He is still oblivious to it all, but this year he was less content to just be held while we enjoyed the festivities. He wanted down! Now! And to run away and eat stuff off the ground. That was less-than-fun, but the overall experience was just as great as usual. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Trip on the Wild-ish Side

Sometimes progress is so slow that you don’t immediately see that it’s happening. But when Scott suggested that we go to the zoo recently and I actually said yes, I knew then that progress was happening. If he would have asked that question a month or so ago, I would have just laughed and then took a nap. 

It started out as a pretty nice day — overcast, not too hot. But about halfway through, the clouds split and we were all sweltering a bit. I think we made it through about half of the zoo before we decided to head home and return on a less steamy day. But it was fun while it lasted!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Henry's First Haircut

Henry was born with more hair than the girls had at age 1. And they didn’t get a haircut until age 3. He got his first one a few days before his first birthday. The hair over the ears and in his eyes was driving me bonkers. 

So, we made an appointment. Considering he rarely stops moving for more than a few seconds, he did pretty well. And Scott’s barber, Dylan, was ah-mazing. So patient and kind — even to the big girls who kept insisting on making their presence known. 



Friday, July 8, 2016


Scott has been waiting for this summer for at least three years. I was excited for it, too, but I was fine with time taking it’s time getting there. 

The girls started T-ball this summer. When we first told them we had signed them up, their groans shook the windows. But it took just one practice session with Scott to turn them completely around. They couldn’t get enough, begging to play every day. 

He signed up to be their coach, too, so it’s been such a fun experience for all of them. And a good chance to learn a bit about themselves. 

Claire was all nerves. Hanging back at practice. Running with hesitation. Telling me before each game, “I’m not ready! I haven’t practiced enough yet!” But after a few games, she found her stride and now runs with confidence. 

Grace, on the other hand, never felt more alive than she did that first game. The morning before, she was running, fell and hurt her ankle. She was so worried she wouldn’t be able to play, but Scott assured her the adrenaline would kick in and she wouldn’t feel a thing. That was an understatement. She plays with laser focus and 100% heart.