Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mini Me

The first time I noticed it, Grace was sitting on the floor in her bedroom, looking at her arms and lightly rubbing them. I stood there for a minute watching her, curious what she was doing.

Unaware of my presence, she "dipped" her hand back in the closed tub of moisturizer on the floor and started rubbing her arms again.

Then I remembered. About five minutes earlier, I put lotion on my hands and arms.

She was totally copying me.

And it was awesome.

I will never cease to be amazed by how they start out as such floppy, unaware little beings and grow into thinking, walking, talking, mimicking(!) little girls.

As I was standing there, enjoying the moment of watching my little girl pretending to be like her mama, another thought occurred to me. If she is copying such an innocent behavior as putting on lotion, what else is she learning?

Note. To. Self.

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H.E.A. said...

I have one of those moments everytime my boyfriend's kids asks me "why" I do something.

Why is your face all red (from running).
Why do you giggle so much (wine...)
How come your hair is always in a ponytail?(laziness...)
Dad, why do you have 2 toothbrushes in your bathroom...(ooops)

They notice EVERYthing. It's a scary thought!