Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Any time we drive by something that even remotely looks like a park, Grace shrieks very excitedly "YA! YA! YA!" as if she is answering a question. 

Sometimes it's actually a park we're driving by. Other times it's a driving range, batting cages or just a random person's house with toys in the yard. 

These kids love, love, LOVE going to the park. 

Claire is partial to the swings, Grace to the slides, but they really enjoy just about everything. 

And it's fun for us, too. I mean, we work from home. In the country. So, going to the park reminds us there is a world outside of our family of four. 

And it really encourages us to shower. 

Which most definitely deserves a YA! YA! YA! 

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