Thursday, October 25, 2012


Most days, getting ready to leave the house feels like a real punch in the face. 

Where are Grace's shoes? Her socks? No, put that down. Stop kicking your sister. Claire! Scott, have you seen Claire's other shoe? Where are my keys? Grace have you seen my keys? Gah. Seriously, do not even think about pushing her. Or taking her babies. Grace, stop screaming at Claire. Scott, did you find that shoe yet!? 

That goes on for about 15-20 minutes usually. 

Then we have to actually get out the door. Claire's only "issue" is that she must be the one to open the door. Grace, on the other hand, … 

Ma, where's my pursh? Can I take my babies? Where's my bag? I need your pone. (Me: my what?) Your pone. To put in my pursh. Ma, where's your keysh? I need your keysh. For da car. 

Finally, we are out the door, loading into the car. As I'm buckling them up, they go back and forth. 

Claire: I want cannie. Can I have jelly beans? 
Grace: I no want cannie. I want cheetos. And water. 
Claire: You can't have cheetos. Only I have cheetos. 
Grace: *crying*

Once they are settled in with a snack and drink, we hit the road. And I'm exhausted before we even leave the driveway. 

But there are some days, that once we get to our destination, the endless questions, demands and fights are totally worth it. 

Our trip to the pumpkin patch and the girls' first time on a horse. Look at how brave they are!

(It should also be noted for the record, that on this particular day, we went through the same routine that's outlined above, but had the bonus of not being able to find my camera. Which was 10 frantic minutes of trying to find the darn thing before I finally gave up. A nice family took these pictures and emailed them to us. I was so thankful I almost hugged the woman.)

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