Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moments Worth Remembering

When the girls were babies, just the sight of them could take my breath away. I'd leave the room for a minute to get a drink, walk back in, see them and be amazed that I was actually their Mom. Weird, I know. Here I was drudging through the normalcy of life and then all of the sudden, the figurative clouds opened up and I saw the girls in this amazing light. 

It doesn't happen quite as much as it used to — I'm pretty used to being their Mom now. But when it does, it's almost like I'm seeing them for the first time — not as the tantrum-throwing, sister-hitting, constantly defiant children that they are increasingly becoming — but these two incredible little girls who I get to walk through life with. 

And those are the moments that make all the tantrums, all the kicks, all the spitting, all the "NO!" totally worth it. 

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