Monday, December 28, 2015

Dear Henry: Month Six

Dear Sickest Henry-

This month was, unfortunately and sadly, defined by illness. It started as a runny nose that led to difficulty breathing through your nose, which led to extreme misery. And that was just the first two days. It eventually turned into a double ear infection, which led to intense misery. Suffice to say, there was a lot of misery. 

But we survived! And the silver lining? We snuggled for pretty much 48 hours straight. Which did have the unfortunate consequence of making you feel like you now have to be rocked before you can go to sleep, but that had the fortunate consequence of me knowing just how wonderful it is when you gently rest your hand on my cheek as I rock you to sleep. And that, my dear son, is worth all the arm aches and back pain. 

The illness lasted for about half of the month and the other half? Smiles. All smiles. 

And chewing. Lots and lots of chewing.

You also figured out rolling both ways, which led to a bit of mobility, which led me to step up my baby-proofing game. 

You haven’t been interested in baby food yet. I’ve tried several times and each time you give me this look of total and utter disgust and then clamp your mouth shut and refuse to try another bite. We’ll keep trying, but I’m not worried.

I know I’m a bit behind this month with your letter. December is busy for most everyone, but add in two birthdays and it’s just shy of chaos around here. Add in a six-month-old baby and you have complete chaos. 

And we’re loving every minute. 

Love always, 

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