Friday, January 22, 2016


Someday I’ll read as many books as I want. 

Someday I’ll wake up when I want. 

Someday I’ll nap when I want. 

Someday I’ll sleep through the night. 

Someday I’ll go to the movies as often as I can afford. 

Someday I’ll eat at non-kid friendly restaurants. 

Someday I’ll shower every day. For as long as I want. In peace and quiet. 

Someday they will go to bed without asking for another hug. Or seven. 

Someday they won’t want me to watch movies with them. 

Someday I won’t be the person they ask to hang out with. 

Someday they’ll roll their eyes when I want to talk to them. 

Someday they won’t think my jokes are funny. 

Someday they won’t believe I am magic. 

Someday my snuggles won’t make it all better. 


Ok, someday can wait.

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