Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Hug that Lingers

Lately, I have been seeing commercials advertising the "perfect" father’s day gift. I might have expected the many mentions of father's day to send me spiraling, but instead it has just left me wishing I was still thinking about what I could buy my Dad to convey just how much I loved him. What restaurant gift card best says “you’re an awesome dad?” 

I always struggled with what to get my Dad because he didn’t have a lot of wants or needs. He didn’t get too wrapped up in presents or material stuff. He just liked to eat good food, be comfortable and have a good time. 

Looking back and knowing what I know now, I wish I would have just given him a better hug all those years. Not the average “I love you” hug with the pat-pat at the end, but the hug that lingers on too long. The hug that makes the other person wonder if you’re okay. The hug that says, “I’m just so damn grateful to have a dad like you.”

While new grills and power tools and restaurant gift cards are all awesome ways of showing your Dad that you love him, do me a favor this year and pair it with a long hug. And in that five or ten extra seconds, soak up that love, that feeling of their arms squeezing you, the memories of childhood bear hugs flooding over you — really savor that moment for a few extra seconds. You’ll both be glad you did. 

Then go eat some Texas Roadhouse together. 

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