Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Henry's First Day of (Prairie Dog) Preschool

Henry is our last kid. The caboose to our train. The dessert to our dinner. The exclamation mark to our sentence. Okay, you get it. He’s our last. 

And while I’m perfectly content to wrap up things at three kids, I am trying so desperately to make the most of my time with this fast-growing baby, who’s actually not a baby anymore and hasn’t been for some time now. 

So, we decided to wait a year before sending him to preschool. He’s certainly ready for the challenge, but his Mama isn’t. Sending my last baby to preschool is a challenge that can wait another year. 

In the meantime, we’ll be trying to take advantage of the fun preschooler-type things around town. Today was our first day of Prairie Dog Preschool at the zoo. It meets once a week for about an hour. I was unsure of how things would go because the first and last time we went to something like this (story time at the library), Henry shouted “I have to go pee!” right as we started and then refused to go back in after our restroom run. And although he did loudly announce today “I have to go poop!” I convinced him to go back in and finish “zoo school.” 

He couldn’t sit still for the books, but he colored his leaves and glued them on the paper himself (I cut them out). He also created his own pinecone bird feeder with minimal help and got to pet Patrick the duck. And after we were done, he shared a moment with the zoo snake. I would call it a successful first day and I think he would agree! 

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