Thursday, November 1, 2018

I See You

Dear Grace & Claire - 

In a world that is dominated by the emotions, desires, capabilities and needs of your three-year-old brother, I feel the need to tell you something. 

I see you. I hear you. I love you. 

I see your spirit as you dance in the driveway like no one is looking. 

I hear your maturity as you take a deep breath and restrain from screaming when you get frustrated. 

I see your vulnerability when your emotions get the best of you. I hear your cry for help navigating those complex emotions. 

I hear the hope in your voice when you ask to play a game with your Dad and I. 

I hear the disappointment when we can’t. 

I see your compassion when you try to cheer up your sad brother. Or mother. Or father.

I hear your growing sense of humor when you zing your Dad. 

I am quite sure this world we live in feels and looks and sounds very Henry-focused. He’s our squeaky wheel, no doubt. But I see you. I see your happy moments, your sad moments, your angry moments. I see the challenges you are struggling with — both external and internal — as you grow and discover your world. And no matter how distracted I look or exasperated I feel with your brother’s 47th tantrum of the day, I see you girls. I hear you girls. I love you girls. 

Always and forever. 

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