Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You know you're having a Monday if ...

1. You wake up seven times overnight to both of your babies hollering out.

2. Your baby is screaming like a banshee because she hasn't had a proper poop in three days.

3. Your baby vomits and poops on your sheets. Within a matter of minutes.

4. Oh yeah, and all over you. Just the vomit. Not the poop.

6. You can't wipe up the vomit running down your leg because of the screaming, vomiting, pooping baby.

7. Your other baby refuses to eat. She'd rather scream, too.

8. She's growing a tooth, you know.

9. Your babies refuse to sleep at the same time, leaving you with a baby on your hip for most of the day.

10. It's 9 p.m. and you realize you never changed out of the shorts with vomit on them.

Please, please, have mercy on my Tuesday.

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