Thursday, July 14, 2011

18 Months

They turned 18 months a couple of weeks ago, but the word punctual isn't even in my vocabulary any more. And their 18-month check isn't until Friday, so I'm still in the window. Right?

Sometimes I look at them walking and running and climbing and I wonder, how did we get here so fast?

Then Claire slams the door in Grace's face, Grace starts screaming and Claire starts whining because SOMEONE shut her alone in her room.

The thoughts dash out of my head as I head down the hall to repair the damage.

And that's life around here these days. Always on the move. So much in fact, that the other day, when I found Grace just laying in the middle of her room I shouted for Scott, "Look at her! What's she doing just laying there?!?"

This stage of life has ushered out old challenges and welcomed new ones. They are sleeping well, eating well (if not a tad on the picky side) and all of the motor skills seems right on target.

But they are also getting brave.

Getting hurt.

And getting independent.

The biggest challenge of raising twins at this point in life is when one is behaving badly, the other copies. And unlike with an older/younger combo, logic isn't a factor. I can't tell one to stop badly influencing the other. I just go round and round in this circle. "Stop Claire." Claire stops. "Stop Grace." Grace stops. "Stop Claire." Claire stops. And around and around until I grab the rocking horses and fling them in the other room.

One of the most delightful changes around here is their interaction with each other. The will chase each other around the house squealing in delight. And when one catches the other, they both break into giggles.

I watch them chase each other giggling and shrieking and quietly thank my lucky stars that I have these little girls. People stop us whenever we're out to comment on our little twinkies. It never fails that the last thing they say is "Cherish every moment. It goes by too fast."

I appreciate the reminder each and every time because at 18 months, I can already attest … it goes by way too fast.

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