Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caption Contest: July 26

Is that love? Anger? Curiosity? You could take it so many different ways ... so off you go!

For all the fame and glory I have to offer, which as April can attest to, isn't really all that much, write a caption in the comments below. If you're a little nervous about putting your name on it, enter as anonymous and if you win, you can step up and claim your prize. Fame. Glory. Awesome.


  1. You said you wouldn't say anything....now I will make sure of it.

  2. That's my face!

  3. GRACE: Now come here Claire, let me inspect your mouth. No..no it won't hurt...I promise

    CLAIRE: mmmmmmmm

  4. Grace: You're hungry? How about a KNUCKLE SANDWICH!
    Claire: *GAH!*

  5. Grace: Say UNCLE! Say it! Say UNCLE!
    Claire: Bup

  6. Grace: "Come on, if you want change for the piggy bank we gotta get these things out of here and under your pillow!"

    Claire: mmmmmmmmm