Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Caboose

My parents are obviously the locomotive. They are the driving force behind my family.

My eldest sister, Kim, is a passenger car — loves people.

My eldest brother, Tim, is a tank car — sturdy and trustworthy.

My sister, Carrie, is a gondola — because it has a fancy name, and, well, she's kinda fancy.

My brother, Johnny, is a hopper — he used to actually hop on trains. The name fits.

I'm a box car — reliable, gets the job done every time.

And my little sister, Cassie, is most definitely the caboose. In our wild and crazy train — she is the perfect ending.

Am I taking this train analogy a little too far?? I didn't think so either.

But to get to the point ...

Yesterday, my sweet-itty-bitty-little-baby sister, who is really not itty bitty or baby any more, got engaged.

Her fella, Trent, is the most genuine, thoughtful, kind-hearted guy. I couldn't ask for better for her.

She may not be an itty bitty baby anymore, but she is still pretty sweet.

And a bit sassy.

Ok, a lot sassy.

Good luck with that, Trent!

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