Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Cows

One of our neighbors has about 20-30 cows in the pens near their house and it has been one of our favorite activities to walk down the road and see the cows. When they were just itty bitties and I was pulling them in the wagon, the moment we crested the hill and the cows came into view, the girls would start excitedly waving their arms and mooing.

Yesterday, as we were walking away from the cows, I said to the girls, "Say bye to the baby cows. And the Mama cows. And the Daddy cows."

As we headed back the house, the cows no longer in sight, Claire says ...

Bye Baby cows.

Bye Mobby cows.

Bye Da-yee cows.

(A couple of seconds pass.)

Bye Grace cows.

Bye Claire cows.

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