Monday, May 14, 2012

Blogger Fail

I know 10 years from now -- shoot, probably five years from now -- I will look back at the last nine months and kick myself. There are so many moments that I've missed writing about -- so many stories I never finished writing about (see: birthday party and house renovations). So, I've decided to write a letter reminding myself why I failed to capture those memories. 

Dear Self, 
Let me first say, you're a rock star. :)

But since last fall you have — how do I say this nicely — totally sucked at blogging. Most of it was out of your control. Being a stay-at-home Mom and being a stay-at-home employee left you very, very little time for extracurricular activities. And since you wake up at 4:30 in the morning, most of the time, when you did get a break, you slept. 

That being said, get ahold of yourself, woman. Get more organized. Get a little structure. And write down these moments. Because honestly, the hilarity of your life right now needs to be publicly witnessed. 

So, get on the ball. And start documenting. 

Your very smart, beautiful Self


Gina said...

You are awesome :)

Silvia said...

Get to it girl. lol

the isms of the ic said...

This is exactly how I feel about my blogging and indict even have kids. Write more! It's always what I am telling me. Hang in there. I had to change my style it comfort of my style a little. Instead of sitting down and banging out a whole post, I had to be satisfied with a bit at a time. It's not going awesome. Lol.