Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quick Hit Wednesday

1. We had a GREAT Easter. What? You're not still talking about Easter? C'mon. Indulge me. On Saturday (the one before Easter, ya know, like a gazillion weeks ago), the girls went egg hunting at the city park, where we met and took a picture with, the Easter Bunny. 

2. Later that day, we celebrated the second birthday of my niece Cambri -- who has, by far, more personality than all the rest of us put together. Adorable, right?

3. On Sunday morning, our chicks woke up SO cranky. They were bickering non-stop until I yelled "Don't you want to see what the Easter Bunny brought you!?!?!" They stopped in their tracks and immediately turned those frowns upside down. Thank goodness for goodie-filled baskets.

4. After breakfast, we headed East to celebrate Easter with Scott's side of the family. We ate a delicious lunch, played with baby Skyler and hunted for cows. It's like hunting for eggs, but easier because they are fenced in and, well, cows. 

5. A couple of weeks ago we went to a women's basketball game. I was trying to explain to Grace who to cheer for, so every time one of our girls had the ball I said "That's our girl!" After the game, Grace kept asking for our new sister. I think I may have confused her. 

6. Bella had her school carnival this past weekend and invited us to go along. The girls had a blast playing all of the games, but the highlight was getting their faces painted. 

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