Friday, April 10, 2015

Rewinding: Fall 2014

So, I recently took a trip down memory lane and read about a dozen or so of my old blogs. And although I understand why I’m not writing as much as I used to, I know I will regret it later in life. 

These are some of the best years with the girls. Their awareness of the world is jumping by leaps and bounds and it’s truly amazing to watch them understand how and why things work. They are at this magical age of understanding most of what goes on, while still being so loving and innocent. 

Yet, here I am, failing to record most of it. It’s April and I still haven’t posted any birthday pictures. OF THEIR 5TH BIRTHDAY!!!! 

So, I’m pledging to myself (and I guess you) to try to write more often. I have so many stories I want to share with you and just don’t take the time to write them down. 

To get us started, we’re going to rewind the past several months and show a tiny peek at what you’ve missed. 

Fall 2014

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