Saturday, June 13, 2015

Henry’s Day

It was a normal Tuesday. Well, as normal as a Tuesday can be when you're four days past your due date. But still, normal, with no signs this little guy was planning to enter the world any time soon. 

We had a doctor’s appointment that morning where we found out we were dilated to a “four, almost five.” The doc told us she didn’t think we’d make it to our scheduled induction on Friday. 

So, we went on about our day. We worked, we took the girls to the splash park and ran a few errands. I was starting to feel some cramps, but thought they were most likely a result of the appointment that morning. 

As you likely know, the girls were born about four weeks early after a scheduled induction. In other words, I hadn’t experienced the whole “going into labor” thing before. I had very little idea of what to expect beyond what the doctor told me it would feel like. 

So, we get home that afternoon and things really start happening. I’m still not sure it’s the real deal, but I know I need to lay down. In a series of uncharacteristic moves, I bail on the girls’ piano lessons, a work meeting and family dinner at my parents’ house. 

I called my Mom to tell her I wouldn’t be coming and that Scott was going to bring the girls without me. About 10 minutes later, Scott’s calling her back and asking her to come get them because I’m now refusing to let him leave. And also telling him “this is so never happening again.” I have so much sympathy for those Moms who labor for much longer than I did. 

This was about 6:30ish. By 7:15, I’m telling Scott that it’s go-time and I don’t care if I’m not meeting the less than five minutes apart for an hour thing. I just can’t take another minute. 

We get to the hospital, check in and the on-call doctor checks me out. “Oh my! You’re dilated to an 8. I think this is going to happen fast.” 

I was surprised and happy and scared and teary and probably a gazillion other emotions. This was finally happening. 

And by 9:24, our little guy had, as the girls would say, popped out. He was 9 lbs, 5 oz, 22.5 inches of perfection. 

Welcome to the world, Handsome Henry. 

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