Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Magical Doors to Hidden Unicorns

A few days ago, I was watching Claire as she walked Zoey around the backyard. I saw Zoey suspiciously sniff a spot and then Claire bent over and got a closer look.

She backed up quickly, then found a long stick to inspect things further. She pushed the leaves and vines aside and uncovered the area.

I watched as she stood there, looking at that spot, her wheels clearly turning. She turned around and quickly ran inside.

"Mom!! I think I found something."

"Oh yeah? What did you find?"

"It's either a stone or a door to somewhere."

In her mind, both equally plausible.

We went back out together and she showed me the spot. I asked her how we would open it if it was a magical door and if she knew any passcodes. We tried touching the rock while saying phrases like "open please." We tried saying our address and even the passcode to Scott's phone. Nothing worked, but we left determined to keep thinking on it.

The next day, we showed Grace the discovery and while at first she was skeptical "Claire, that's always been there," she quickly started brainstorming what could be under the door.

"Mom, what if there are unicorns in there?!?! Can I have one??"

And even though I have no authority to do so, I totally agreed to let her have one. Because magic, y'all.

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