Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Christmas in July

So, I know it’s July. I know it’s 100 (bazillion) degrees out. I know you’re thinking about swimming and baseball and watermelon. But let’s take a moment to think about a cooler time. 

I owe you. I promised I’d finish the story and I am keeping my promise … even if it’s 6 months late. 

So, before Christmas, Claire wrote to Santa asking for him to bring her a lost stuffed animal — Rocky. Her request was so heartbreaking that we pled with the internet to help us find another beloved gray kitty. And you delivered! We had friends and friends of friends searching high and low. One of the friends of a friend mailed us a certain gray kitty their daughter no longer wanted. I can’t describe in words the joy it brought to our house Christmas morning (and for the past six months), so I’ll show you: 

Even superheroes need sidekicks!

In other semi-related news, Grace also lost her most special lovie this spring. Teddy has been with Grace since birth — LITERALLY since before she was born. It was so hard on her. She was pretty sure she accidentally dropped him at the bus stop and she kept asking, with tears streaming down her face “Is he dead? Did someone run over him?” It was heart wrenching. But Santa, being the sweet man he is, made a special trip to Kansas in March with a slightly fluffier, less holey Teddy. 

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