Monday, May 15, 2017

In All Its Glory

For Mother’s day, I usually just want to spend the day with my family, trying to soak up my kids and motherhood in all its glory. This year, I got a bit smarter. I asked for a day of exploration and adventure-seeking without complaints. And yes, I bribed them with donuts to sweeten our deal. Motherhood, in all its glory. 

About 3 minutes into our adventure (and that is NOT an embellishment) I had already uttered the words “complete and total failure.” The sun was beating down on us, with no shade in sight. Grace was complaining that she needed a drink. Claire was hungry. Henry was squirming to get out of his stroller and the dog was barking angrily at every passerby. 

But we persisted. And about 5 or so minutes down the path, our persistence was rewarded. We came to an unexpected off-shoot of our trail. That led to shade, a very unique-looking bridge (finding unexpected bridges on our adventures are always a highlight), which led to a mysterious trail, which led to the most perfect little park area. The kids played queens and sharks and all the things you play when you find an unexpected play area. It was deserted at this time of day, so the dog wasn’t barking at anyone. And when Grace and I felt very urgently that we needed to use the facilities, we found restrooms just a minute away that were so thankfully unlocked! 

After that, we continued on our mysterious trail that led to another smaller bridge and then back the way we came. 

It turned out to be such a fantastic adventure that as we were heading back to the car, Grace said “Mom, I hate to say it, but that was really fun.” 

Some day, they'll be grateful that their mother forced them into Saturday morning adventures, exploring their world and finding joy in the small things like wooded trails and and hidden bridges. 

Today, though, the donut-bribe lasted until the last 15 minutes of the journey. Hot, tired, my legs can't move another step, hot, thirsty, so tired complaints hit me from all angles. I guess that's motherhood, though, in all its glory. 

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