Friday, December 1, 2017

I did, but I didn't

Scene: Grace comes running downstairs screaming that Claire kicked her. 

Me: (Ugh) Claire, because you kicked your sister when you were supposed to be cleaning your room, we are skipping our Harry Potter reading time tonight. 

Claire: WHAT!?! I didn't kick her. 

Grace: Yes you did!!

Claire: No I didn't! How do you know she's not lying? I stretched my foot out and she was just in the way. 

Me: So, you did kick her. 

Claire: I did not! 

Me: But you just said you accidentally did. 

Claire: I was lying then. 

Me: So, either way you’re lying. 

Claire: No. (**know-it-all tone*) Actually, I’m right either way. I did kick her AND I didn’t kick her. 

Me: *dumbfounded look*

Claire: You see, I stretched my leg out to try to kick her, but I didn’t. 

Me: So, you did try to kick your sister? 

Claire: Yes, but I didn’t actually kick her. I tried. But I didn’t. What’s wrong with that?

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