Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Harry Potter Fever

As you may know, the girls and I started reading Harry Potter together earlier this year. We just finished the third book. They are still loving the series, although I could tell they were getting a touch bored in the middle of this last book. It’s hard when you only have 10-15 minutes to read each night and the only thing that happens in that 10 minutes is a single Divination class. But as soon as we got to the exciting stuff, they were back into it, hanging on my every word. 

The timing of their HP excitement was great because we also attended a Harry Potter event on campus this weekend and now the girls are constantly carrying their wands and calling me Professor McGonagall. In our Hogwarts world, Claire’s a first year and Grace is Head Girl trying to keep Claire on task with all of her classes (art imitating life a bit here). When Scott gets roped into the imaginary play, he’s Hagrid, and Henry is, of course, “a Slytherin boy.” 

I think all of my dreams are coming true. 

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