Monday, December 2, 2019

Claire's Baaaaack

Hi, guess who? Did you say Katie? Well you’re …………. WRONG.  

It’s me Claire, Katie’s daughter? The one Katie, my mom, has been talking about for 9 years? Oh, remember me now huh? Yeah, I’m 9 years old now, going on ten. 

It’s been so much fun reading what my mother has wrote and now she is passing it on to ME to write and to make this amazing blog my mom has created and make it  ”pleasing to the eye” as my friend, Maren, once said to me. 

This might be a little boring at first, but I’m new at this people! 

I love dogs and I’m really passionate about making puppy mills illegal. Here is a picture of my latest work. 

See you later guys!

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