Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

We have some pretty big news to announce.

We're having another baby!

Haha, I joke, I joke.

Or do I?

No, seriously, I'm really just kidding.

Grandmas, you can begin breathing again.

Our really big news is we have finally ditched the baby car seats! Not quite as exciting, huh? I know, but either way, you were going to wonder why getting new car seats was something to blog about.

We live at least 10 minutes from any sort of shopping establishment, so when we travel, the girls have to sit in their car seats for a chunk of time. And lately, they have decided the best use of their time is screaming.

That's where the new forward-facing, big-girl car seats come in.

They love them. They are able to see what's going on, to see us, to beg for snacks. It's a whole new world. And it came just in the nick of time.

Last weekend, we took a mini road trip to my brother's house about 90 minutes away. With the old car seats, we would have turned around and came home after about 20 minutes. But with these new car seats, we made it the whole way.

Ok, I admit, we did have a little extra help.

AND not only did we get new car seats, but we also got hours of future fun. This is where having a mom that used to be a preschool teacher really comes in handy.

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Silvia said...

Cardboard forts and houses. The memories that come back are precious. Thanks. :)