Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weird Things My Kids Do: Feb. 8

I noticed this idiosyncrasy one day when I was skyping with my Mom.

Claire was taking turns playing with her Little People firetruck and looking out the window and talking to Grandma and typing on her laptop. Fairly normal for a one-year-old.

My mom and I were just chatting away when we both, almost simultaneously, noticed that Grace had spent the last 15 minutes doing the following:

1. Taking the blocks out of their container and tossing the blocks around the room.

2. Gathering all of the blocks.

3. Putting the blocks back in their container.

And she repeated this process for 15 MINUTES! I've never seen a one-year-old with that kind of attention span. She must have tossed them out/picked them up more than a dozen times.

She never got distracted. Never moved on to something else. Just completely zoned in on her block collecting.

Ok, so she did get distracted at one point.

Yes, Claire, we see you have her block. You'll make a great thief one day.


Aunt Carrie said...

She is too obvious about stealing. If she wants to be good then she will need to be more covert. Which should help Grace to stop crying b/c she won't even know it was taken? I bet you could teach them a few things Kate -- you were pretty good at stealing my clothes without me knowing.

Erika said...

I got your message on my blog! What a fun coincidence!!!:) Your girls are adorable.

Silvia said...

What are you teaching those girls. :) LOL