Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weird Things My Kids Do: Feb. 2

Yesterday was much improved as far as juggling the job and babies. And although it isn't this week's weirdness, Grace was plenty weird yesterday.

It started with the new office/play room that we are still in the process of creating. We are transforming our sunroom (read: junk room) into a place for us to work AND a place for the girls to play.

When Claire walked in, she was fairly certain she had just found her own play paradise.

Grace, on the other hand, was a little nervous and dealt with that anxiety in the only way she knows how: crying. She just stood by my leg (or Scott's) and cried until we picked her up. Scott and I traded her back and forth until finally late yesterday afternoon, she decided the room was safe to roam on her own.

So, ya, my kids are weird.

But back to this week's bizarre behavior.

Claire has some pretty intense attention to detail, which translates into picking up every teeny, tiny fiber/paper/cheerio/plastic/penny she comes across.

Like any responsible one-year-old, she hands it to the nearest adult. But occasionally she won't actually pick up anything. And when this happens, she hands us a big piece of nothing.

You have to see it to fully appreciate how weird it is.

The best part though? Now, every time we tell Claire thank you for doing this, Grace automatically pinches her fingers together and hands us a big piece of nothing, too. Claire isn't the only responsible one, ya know.


Kaelyn said...

I love how she works so hard to get nothing to Scott. Hopefully when she is grown she will work that hard to be responsible. BTW
you guys were missed at the bean feed.

Silvia said...

At lest your babies bring things to you. When mine were that little everything went in their mouthes. LOL

Clare said...

That is hilarious!!