Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Crew

It was late Friday night and we just put our lovies down for the night.

I was exhausted, starving and ready to relax with some mindless TV.

But Scott had other plans. Plans he had been working on for months.

You can imagine my surprise, when my family started showing up one by one.

They brought with them work clothes, ladders, tool boxes. They were prepared to take on the huge job of redoing my basement. All in one weekend. I can't begin to express my gratitude for the all their hard work.

Team Captain: My older brother Tim
Although he had never laid tile or carpet before, he took charge of the operation and didn't look back.

First Mate: My Dad
As Tim's right-hand man, he jumped in wherever needed and did it with a smile.

Top Secret Project Coordinator: Scott
He put this whole project in motion months ago. Gathering the crew and supplies without even hinting at his plans.

The Professor: Scott's Dad
As a man who has redone a basement a time or two, he brought to the table knowledge, expertise and advice.

The Young Gun: Cassie's boyfriend Trent
He didn't even blink when asked to help his girlfriend's sister's husband redo the basement. And even after a back-breaking day of laying and cutting tile, he still managed to take my lil' sis out for a movie. What a guy.

Super Awesome Badass: My Mom
I could have sworn she was in three places at once. She was always there to find a tape measure, vacuum a room or hold a baby.

The Apprentice: Our friend Gage
Gage watched our basement go from riches to rags and was more than willing to jump in to help bring it back to life. (Not pictured: his lovely wife Joanna who so very kindly helped me care for babies while the work was going on downstairs.)

Documentarian: My lil' sis Cassie
She photographed the whole weekend, helped me with the girls and could be found occasionally watching Glee on my computer.

Uber Cuties: Claire & Grace
They were my responsibility. I may or may not have had the easier job this weekend.

Lazy bum: Izzy
She spent the whole weekend doing this. I think she was just bummed that she couldn't use the basement as her bathroom any more.

This is the second in a three-part series following our shock-and-awe basement remodel.

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