Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Birthday Surprise

Dec. 26: An infamous day around these parts. Three years ago on that day, Scott and I conquered a blizzard to get to the hospital to have our sweet girls. Earlier that morning, I begged Scott to let me change Grace's name from Campbell to Grace. I was the one who chose Campbell, and although I still like it, it didn't feel right. How do you say no to your wife who is nine months pregnant and about to push out two babies? You don't. 

After the girls were born and the nice nurses were filling out the name card, they asked for a middle name. Uhhhhhhh. We had picked Reese as a middle name for Campbell, but Grace Reese didn't have the ring I was looking for. So, high on an extra dose from the epidural, we chose Madeline -- a beautiful name that I don't regret one bit. But she was lucky -- that extra dose could have resulted in Helga. 

Three years later and I'm having arguments about whether it's still Christmas and packing extra underwear for the road. (For them, not me.) 

These past three years have been the most exceptional three years of my entire life. I have never experienced more joy, pride, love and frustration. I'm so excited to keep watching them grow and change and learn new ways to love them every day. 

For their actual birthday, we surprised them and my niece Bella with a trip to a nearby discovery center. They had so much fun. Nearly as much fun as I was having three years ago. 

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