Friday, March 22, 2013

Milestone #76: First Haircut

As you probably know, my girls were the baldest babies this side of the Mississippi. For the past couple of years, their hair has been growing in very, very slowly. We've watched other kids their age get first haircuts and second haircuts, while we considered washing their hair with Miracle Grow. 

But for the past several months, I've been watching a rat tail grow behind Claire's ear  -- one strangely long strand of hair. So, I decided it was time we even things out a bit. 

When I first told them what we were doing, they both adamantly refused. Claire was worried we were going to cut her hair like Daddy's and Grace was just scared of the whole idea. 

But after watching me get mine cut, they quickly changed their minds. 

And then we came home and did this. It's been a good Friday. 

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