Monday, March 4, 2013

Treading Water

Good golly, Miss Molly. 

I've been in survival mode these past few weeks, and when I'm in survival mode, things like blogging, vacuuming, and sometimes even showering get shortchanged. Send your sympathies to Scott. 

It started with Claire being sick, which promptly spread around the family. Work was busy and with lots of family activity going on, I've been treading water since the end of January. 

But I'm back. At least for today. 

A list to catch you up:

1. Scott and I got recently got iPhones. The day before we went to get them, I would have told you: "Eh, I don't need an iPhone. All I ever do is text my sisters and Mom."  The day after I got one? I was hooked. Oh, and when I said Scott and I got iPhones, what I really meant was Claire and Grace did: 

2. My brother and his family moved back home in February after living in Missouri for the past three years. I can't express how happy it makes me to have them around. I love my little brother and his wife to the moon and back and I adore their family. My niece Bella had her first school performance last week and as I watched her sing, the tears just started welling up in my eyes. I love their kids like they're my own and can't wait to watch them grow up right alongside my own. What great friends I hope our girls will become. 

3. After a little trial and error with Claire's glasses prescription, she's finally wearing them consistently, sort of. But we had her re-checked last week and although they are helping, the doctor thinks she made need surgery to correct what the glasses aren't fixing. 

4. I'm so ready for spring. I love the snow and I love how much fun the kids have in the snow, but I'm ready for green grass, flowers, birds chirping and most especially playing outdoors without spending 45 minutes bundling the kids up first. 

5. Last weekend, the girls went with Scott to visit his Mom and I stayed home. I could write an entire blog on how I overcame my fear of letting them go out of town without me (if something bad were to happen, I want to be there -- not an hour away), but instead, I'll just tell you that everything worked out okay. They returned safe and sound and while they were gone, I had a delightful date night with my little sister and lunch with my Mom. It reminded me that it's good for Moms to have breaks, too. 

6. And lastly, a sneak peek at what I'm sure are many more blogs to come: living with an emotional, irrational three-year-old is OHMYGOD so challenging. I thought I knew what fits were, but OHMYGOD I definitely did not. Until now. And challenging doesn't even begin to describe it. Frustrating, maddening, defeating, back-breaking, spirit-crushing … ok, that might begin to describe it. Just please, cross your fingers that my other emotional, irrational three-year-old will steer clear of this phase. 

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