Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dear Henry: Month One

Dear Sweetest Henry, 

Today we celebrate your first month of life. It’s amazing to me that in just one short month, you have made it impossible to imagine life without you.

I’ll be honest. I was worried about how life would change once you arrived. We spent five years settling into a life as a family of four. We knew each other — what made us tick, what ticked us off, what brought joy to each of us. We had a routine, a system of functioning. And I wasn’t sure what life would look like once we became five.

Boy, did you shake things up. Our nights, of course, are unpredictable and exhausting and sometimes frustrating. Our days are, well, actually much of the same. 

But I know now that I had no need to worry. Despite the exhaustion and the new responsibilities to juggle and the naps to work around and the extra laundry and 50 bazillion diapers — all I see when I look at you is love. Pure, unconditional, unwavering love.

You could have been up all night screaming and all I can see is how blue your perfect little eyes are and how your bottom lip tucks under your top lip and how your hair sticks up in the back after a nap and those kissable little cheeks. 

And when your eyes meet mine and you hold my gaze? Melts me every single time. 

Your sisters feel the same way. They just can’t resist you (to use their words). Always wanting to hold you, touch you, soothe you. And knowing how much their lives have changed — from being the center of our universe to sharing the universe with someone who trumps their needs 95% of the time — I think it’s really telling that they don’t resent you even a little bit. They’re always right there to love on their “cutey little brother.”

As for your Dad? He’s just as in love as the rest of us. You have spent several naps curled up on his chest watching the Royals and episodes of the West Wing. If you grow up to love baseball and politics, we’ll know it’s because of the early exposure to these things — well, that and because your Dad is your Dad.

And your village of love doesn’t end there. You have four grandparents, one great grandparent, seven aunts and uncles, three cousins, one Australian shepherd and several family friends who have showered you with affection.

Later in life, if you ever feel alone or down, I hope you remember that you entered this world and within your first month, had won over nearly every single person you met. 

You’re an amazing little guy, Henry. Don’t ever forget it. 

Love you more than words can describe, 

Your Mama 

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