Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cleaning Claire

If you know Scott then you probably know cleaning isn’t exactly his forte. Not that it’s mine either. But it’s REALLY not his. At one point in our lives, this was a point of serious contention. But I’ve pretty much grown to accept that I will always be the initiator behind cleaning. Most of the time he does whatever I ask, but he will very rarely be proactive about it. 

So, Claire. 

In many ways, she is a miniature version of Scott. Including his cleaning habits. She rarely initiates cleaning and unlike Grace, runs for the hills when I announce it’s time to do chores. If I assign her a task, like picking up her stuffed animals, she can usually be found just playing with them instead. Much like her father, it’s not malicious. They just don’t get the same satisfaction from completed tasks and a clean house that Grace I do. 

Which is why last night was so strange. We finished dinner and as I was getting up to put my plate in the sink, Claire stopped me and said “Here, Mom, let me get that for you.” 

Then she disappeared for awhile. 

Every once in awhile I’d see her carrying something from one room to another, but she never lost focus. For about 30-45 minutes, she picked up and organized FIVE rooms. 

After she was done, I asked her to show me everything she did, and I made sure to convey my excitement. 

Maybe there’s hope yet? 

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