Thursday, February 2, 2017

Girl Time

You heard how hard life is with Henry. A natural next question is how the heck have the girls been handling his domination. And what a good question that would be! 

It certainly isn’t easy. They love their little brother, of course, but they have had to begrudgingly adapt to King Henry’s rule just like we have. Scott and I developed a divide and conquer approach after Henry was born and most of the time, he gets the girls. Now that Henry is older and done nursing, we’ve done a better job of balancing the time, but it’s certainly not ideal yet. 

The other day the girls had reached their limit. Grace told me, “Mom, all you ever do is spend time with Henry. We want Mommy time, too.” 

My heart sunk. He’s so demanding of me physically, mentally and emotionally that by the end of the day, there isn’t much left. I know I'm not being the Mom that I want to be for them. I feel like I’m giving and giving and giving all day, but I know they still aren't getting enough. 

So, we had a Mommy-daughter breakfast date. No screaming Henry. No worries about milk allergies. No “hurry up, your brother is terrorizing the restaurant.” No “hurry up, your brother needs to nap.” No “hurry up, your brother needs a diaper change.” 

It was a nice reminder of how relaxing life can be with just the girls and how much I’ve missed them, too. 

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