Monday, November 6, 2017

A Family that Explores Together ... Gets Less Grumpy Together

One of my very favorite things to do together as a family is explore. Even if it’s a place we’ve been before, the opportunity for a new adventure is always awaiting us. 

On this particular Sunday morning, everyone in the house was grumpy and snipping at each other. So, I sounded the alarm. “Go put on warm clothes, shoes AND socks and let’s hit the trail!” 

I think everyone except Henry groaned. He would have groaned but he was too busy whining about something else. 

I wasn’t deterred though. They always groan at first, but then the magic of the fresh air, the falling leaves and the discovery of hidden treasures (rocks and sticks) brings out the smiles. After we had explored as much as a two-year-old’s legs would allow, we went home feeling considerably less grumpy. 

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