Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Caption Contest: June 2

We provide the picture. You write a caption (in the comments section below). The winner will be showered with fame and glory. Ready. Set. Go!


H.E.A. said...

Claire: "You have to WAVE to the people Grace. Come on Dad's counting on us and you're staring people down!"

Grace: "This is my COOL look Claire. GEEZ get with the program!"

nanettemills said...

Claire: "Dad, the Royals had a four-run fifth inning to beat the Angels. Count 'em, four runs."

Grace: (Speechless, while she contemplates the Royals' future World Series run.)

Anonymous said...

Claire: "I almost got it, Grace. Live long and prosper, Royals."
Grace: "Claire, enough with your shenanigans, the Royals are playing!"

Sue Ann Seel said...
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Sue Ann Seel said...

Claire: Hey, hot dog man, over here!
Grace: Ugh. I hate hot dogs. They give me gas.

April said...

Claire: Let's play two!
Grace: Ugh, Claire. That's the Cubs, not the Royals.

Mom said...

Claire: "Servant! Servant!"
Grace: "Not those Royals, Claire..."

Unknown said...

Claire: "I'm telling you, if we both just squeeze tight, eventually we will become Siamese twins. Everybody loves Siamese twins."

Grace: "Keep it down. I can't hear Lefebvre."