Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So, a good friend of ours is in town for the week. A friend who hasn't been here since before babies were born. When he came over this weekend, I got a glimpse of how other people must see us. And it hit me just how much things have changed in the past five months.

A trash bag full of smelly diapers sits next to the front door waiting to be taken out. Dirty bottles lay strewn about in the sink. Cans of formula pile high on the counter. Car seats overtake the dining room table. Swings, bouncy seats, bumbos lay scattered in the living room.

We are three hours past when we originally agreed to meet.

And the first 10 minutes of our conversation was dominated by the one true priority in our lives — Grace and Claire. And their poop.

It amazes me to think how much has changed. It used to be when friends came to visit, the house was always clean (or at least cleaner). I was always showered. The dishes were always done. The piles of mail and junk mail filed appropriately. Life was organized.

These days, unorganized is an understatement. Yes, it drives me a little crazy to live in a state of messy. But despite the dirty laundry, dishes and toilets, at the end of the day, when I look at these girls, my heart swells with a kind of happiness that I never knew existed.

And that's a change I can totally live with.


haullie ranker said...

ewwwwwww gross. babys poop is not facinating to anyone else other than thier mothers and fathers. ewwwww, gross. lol

Gina said...

and now you know why we used to tell your parents 12 oclock when we really meant 3!!! I love you Katie!!

Michelle Green said...

And still no pictures of John with the babies! I have been waiting so patiently... You have to teach him how to hold a baby - it will be his first time!