Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Caption Contest: June 8

We provide the picture. You write a caption (in the comments section below). The winner will be showered with fame and glory. Ready. Set. Go!


Forsythe Family said...

Quick, give me the evidence while I distract them with my gorgeous smile!

Anonymous said...

Claire: "See I told you my hand was amazing!"

Grace: "Look its them again with the camera"

Aunt Carrie said...

Grace: Alright Claire, I see you are going to live a very long life. You will also fall in love and get married in your 30s. I also see no illness.

Claire: Mom, Grace said I was going to get married...ewww.

H.E.A. said...

Claire: "Dude I told you if we cried we would get what we wanted...HI FIVE!"

Grace: "Nice work sis...nice work"

Mom said...

Claire: "Gimme five sister!"
Grace: "Here's four."