Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To the Zoo and Beyond

We took the girls to the zoo yesterday. And, miraculously, lived to tell our story.

The thought of taking two babies out in public scares the bejesus out of me. You may think I'm overreacting (and to your credit, I might be), but picture this:

Two parents sit down at a restaurant with two little car seats. Awhh, how cute! They have twins. That is sooo sweet. They open their menus, decide what they want and order their food. They are quietly chatting, but just as they sit back to relax, one starts SCREAMING. Which startles the other, causing her to SCREAM. And before you know it, there are two SCREAMING babies and several dirty looks.

In a matter of minutes, we've become those people. Those people who don't quite understand that their kids are holy terrors. Or they do, and just don't care.

I fully understand the terrorizing ability of my children, which is why we don't often take them out in public.

But yesterday, after a weekend full of crying babies and cranky parents, we took a walk on the wild side. To the zoo.

They cried a little, slept a little and smiled a lot.

And the good thing about the zoo? Instead of getting dirty looks when Grace started crying, nearly every person there looked at the two car seats, back at us, back at the car seats and completely understood.

Maybe next week we will try a sit-down restaurant. On second thought ...

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