Monday, November 29, 2010

A Day of Thanks

So. Thanksgiving. Yeah. About that. Sorry I didn't get this posted on Friday like I meant to. There were babies to take care of and naps to be had, and it just didn't happen. Obviously.

But here it goes.

We have hosted this particular holiday since 2006. We usually have between 15-20 family members. Scott makes the turkey and my mom and I tackle the rest. Most years, it's cake. Well, mostly cake. A couple of the years the turkey was still frozen. One year the mashed potatoes were dry. Another year we forgot to bake the pies until everyone got here. But even considering our mistakes, it has mostly been cake.

But this year brought a whole new set of challenges.

Feed me. Hold me. Play with me. Wipe my tears. Kiss my bonk. Change my diaper. Feed me again.

It's amazing any food was cooked at all.

Thank goodness for my little sister who was here to help entertain the little ones while we cooked and showered and finished the last-minute cleaning.

And thank goodness for my mom who was here to help cook while I fed and cared for the little ones.

And thank goodness for the rest of the guests for holding and playing with the girls.

And thank goodness for everyone not being offended when they screamed with stranger danger.

Thank goodness for family.


libby said...

This is awesome. You are bountifully blessed!!!!

Sue Ann Seel said...

I have a wonderful family, and I love Katie's family. I am blessed, I agree!