Tuesday, December 11, 2012


My older sister got glasses when she was five. 

My brother was 3. 

My little sister was 18 months. 

And Scott's vision issues were discovered in Kindergarten. 

If poor vision is linked to genetics, the odds were against the girls from the beginning. 

The eye doctor says that Claire is farsighted in both eyes. If you pay close attention to pictures of Claire, you may have noticed that one of her eyes usually turns in. Apparently, if she starts wearing glasses now, we can train her eyes to work together, so that she doesn't develop a lazy eye. 

As if potty training wasn't a tall enough task, it is now our challenge to convince the most stubborn child since her father was one himself to wear her glasses all day long. Every day. 

I think I'll go eat my Wheaties now. 

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Silvia said...

Sounds like it might take more than just "Wheaties". LOL