Monday, December 17, 2012

Life Lesson #107: It's Not Just About Parties

Years ago, before we had troubles having a baby, I remember telling Scott we couldn't *try* between March-May because then we'd have a Christmas baby. I still thought I could plan these sorts of things and didn't want his/her birthday to be overshadowed by the holiday. 

But then we had troubles and I gave up caring what time of year -- just as long as I could have a baby.  Then, we ended up having two babies on the day after Christmas. 

Oh, the irony. 

But you know what? I could care less that their birthday is Dec. 26. I felt (and still feel) so immensely grateful for them, that any day of the year would have been perfect. 

I know someday it won't be perfect -- at least to the girls. I know someday they'll feel cheated because they share their day with a holiday that spans from November to January. They'll plan parties that their friends can't attend and friends and family will combine their Christmas and birthday gifts into one. 

But I'm hoping that I can head it off at the pass and teach them what's truly important about birthdays and Christmas. It's not just about the presents. It's not just about parties. Not that those things aren't an important part of growing up, but as long as they're happy, healthy and spending time with those they care about, I hope they can feel as grateful for their birthday as I do.   

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