Thursday, May 29, 2014


Grace has always been a bit sneaky, but lately she's being super sneaky. Well, as super sneaky as a four-year-old can be. 

The other day, I was upstairs when she went into the bathroom. In an out-of-the-ordinary move, she closed the bathroom door. I got suspicious and peeked my head in. 

Me: Whatcha doing, Grace? 
Grace: Nothing. Um. Just going. Um. Potty.  
Me: Ok, why'd you close the door?   
Grace: *Silence* …. Mom, I need you to leave. And can you close the door? 

I pretended this was about privacy, left the room but stayed close by. When I heard the sound of cabinets banging and drawers shutting, I poked my head in again. 

And there it was - the smile, the dimples. The look of guilt. 

She tries to get away with all kinds of things. Stealing extra chips. Hiding my chapstick in her purse. Putting things away in the wrong places. Sneaking Teddy in her backpack before school. 

And every time I catch her - because she's just a four-year-old with some pretty identifiable tells - she smiles at me with those dimples and that look of "aren't I just the cutest?" 

Yes, you are the cutest. And yes, you're still in trouble. 

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