Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two Months, Two Minutes ... Go!

Wow, March 24. That was a long time ago. Especially in this jet-pack life we lead. 

Here's your two-minute update: 

Claire got her cast off at the four-week mark and was deemed healed. She didn't even need a walking cast. 

Later that same week, the girls had their first dance recital. Claire was still limping, but they both got on stage and did great!

Claire's eye surgery was also very successful. At the 6-week follow-up appointment, the doctor said she she is healing at an amazing rate and is very, very close to being within "normal" range. 

We celebrated my 32nd birthday, which was fantastic. There's no sarcasm with that -- I really feel lucky to be here another year making memories with Scott and the girls, growing wiser, having fun with my brothers and sisters and appreciating my parents more.

We had a great Easter, watching the girls experience the activities with a joy and innocence that only small children can. 

We all got summer haircuts, with the girls going from mid-back to just under their chin. I was nervous at first because I had it in my head that they needed to have long hair with their curls. Pshaw. That same night after bath time, as I was brushing their hair and no one was screaming, I vowed we'd never go back. Well, until I want to try again next year. 

We went on the our first field trip with the girls. They rode the bus, while we drove behind and met them at the park. They fished, played and ate snack. Days like this make us feel immensely lucky to have a flexible work environment. 

And now, we have finished another year at preschool. Next year will be their last one before the K-word. So brave talking about my 32nd birthday - less so when it comes to my babies.

Ok, maybe that was more than two minutes. 

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