Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Babies 101

We talk about the new baby often. We’ve tried to prepare the girls slowly for the changes that will happen next summer. 

They know their playroom is getting moved so the baby will have a room. This caused a few tears at first, but they eventually came around. They even sorted through their stuffed animals to find ones that would be good for the baby. 

They know that Mom gets tired sometimes and needs a nap. “C’mon Grace, the baby is making mom tired.” Translation: She’s SUPER grumpy right now, let’s leave her alone. 

But when I told them they’d be great helpers, I didn’t expect any resistance. They are still at that age where they fight over who gets to help. 

Grace: But mom, there’s one problem. 

Me: Oh yeah? 

Grace: Yes. We don’t know how to take care of babies. Will you teach us? 

Me: *bawling on the inside at this sweet innocence*

So, we held a baby class. And it was nothing short of adorable. They sat in their little chairs and hung on my every word of how to hold the baby, supporting its neck. How to feed and burp a baby. The things to check on if he/she is crying. 

It was such a sweet moment. They are going to be great big sisters. 

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