Thursday, January 8, 2015

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Claire stopped taking regular naps about six or so months ago. Since then, she’s probably napped less than a dozen times. At first, I held on to them. I wasn’t ready for her to give them up. Mostly because I also work from home, so afternoon naps are crucial for me to maintain any sort of sanity. 

But, after it was clear she was done, I let them go. And instead of fighting her every day, I embraced the change (or at least I tried to). I made her quiet boxes, with different activities each day and she knows that if she lays quietly until the clock says “2” that she can get her quiet box. My goal was to still give her that alone time, which I think is extremely good for her, still give her a chance to fall asleep if she needs it and to keep that quiet time in the afternoon for me to work. 

Each month has been a little easier. At first, she really did need the naps — she’d get so cranky by dinner time. Now, though, she’s doing just fine without them and is mostly good with the routine of staying in her room until it’s time to come out. 

Grace, on the other hand, was still napping every single day like a champ. She needed it more than Claire (always has) and never fought it. She often begs for them: “Mom, I reeeeally need a nap.” That was, until about a week ago. I have always tried to conceal the fact that Claire doesn’t take naps any more. (They sleep in different rooms, so it wasn’t too hard). I didn’t want that no-sleep nonsense rubbing off on her sister who was, until recently, my nap champ. 

But Grace finally figured out that Claire doesn’t go to sleep and now immediately after I shut the door each afternoon, she opens her blinds and starts playing, too. She knows that she can’t come out until “it’s morning,” so that's the upside, I guess. 

I know many kids don't make it as long as ours did, so I should be grateful, which I am. But it's a brave new world we're entering here. Wish me luck. 

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